Forget Trump hats and American flags, racism has a brand new bag

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In today’s raucous political environment many of us on The Left find our beliefs and personal truths besieged by increasingly radical Conservative myths. Myths like the existence of individual rights, personal accountability, fiscal responsibility, the inherent value of “all lives”, advantages to a nuclear family, and basic human biology all masquerading as “common sense”. In this series of articles we will discuss strategies to combat right-wing ideological terrorism and it’s most insidious purveyors (white boho-chic mothers) as they are commonly encountered in the real world. Let’s get into it.

Identifying A Target

Let me be perfectly clear in explaining that you are indeed…

Your body, whose choice?

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The other day I was sitting at the nurses station on an unfamiliar floor in the hospital where I work. I had been moved there because my home unit, a neurosurgical floor, is being converted to accommodate COVID-19 patients. As I sat there charting, feeling like a guest in a stranger’s home, the topic of the newly conceived COVID-19 vaccine came up, and in particular, a controversy about certain “front-line” staff being among the later tier to receive the vaccine. “Someone told me they were protesting in the atrium this morning” I heard from a blue-haired nurse in thick black-framed…

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During the 2020 presidential campaign, Democratic nominee Joe Biden evaded questions as to whether or not he intended to pack the Supreme Court. He was pressed multiple times and failed to divulge his position to voters until “after the election”, to quote directly from the big guy himself. So what exactly does it mean to “pack the court”? What sort of impact could this have on the country, and on our democratic processes? Spoiler alert, if you’re a fan of American democracy, it ain’t pretty.

This court packing nonsense began when historically liberal Supreme Court Justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, bit…

The NPR Effect

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I can recall the very first story I ever heard on NPR. It was winter in 2007, I was living in an apartment in the Goose Hollow neighborhood of SW Portland, Oregon. It was snowing and had been for several days. Snow in Portland is usually so minor and so infrequent that the city has not invested in snow removal equipment. So the snow sits there, and if it snows a lot, it piles up. Roads become impassable, stores close, and residents are effectively snowed in. …

I had an interesting conversation with a doctor from Michigan today. I have lots of conversations with doctors, but this was another sort of doctor. A Ph.D doctor, a chemical engineer who had worked for one of the biggest chemical manufacturers in the world. How we ended up meeting I can’t say, (because it would be borderline illegal) but our conversation quickly morphed into something I feel is worth sharing, in fact, something that I’m afraid must be shared.

Being in his mid 80s, Dr. Moore has seen a lot come and go within the sphere of American culture. Lots…

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Regardless of headlines like How Many Americans Are About To Die? -The Atlantic, or US Records Highest Number of Daily Coronavirus Deaths Since May -The Guardian, there remains a small but vocal contingent of hold-outs who for one reason or another, refuse to accept our new normal. Their quips can be more or less summarized as inane ramblings about “mUh RiGhTs” or “LiBerTiEs”, whatever those are. They insist on denying the reality that most, if not all, of us will in fact die if they don’t wear masks, practice social distancing, and re-mask between bites. …

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During the 2008 presidential race I was living in Portland Oregon. Like most college students my age, I was still finding my ideological footing, and Obama-mania was everywhere. In fact, Obama was everywhere. His face, his voice, his words, that Shepard Fairey poster, at that place and time he was all that was good and true in the world. And in Portland, you couldn’t walk ten feet without being reminded that you were deep in Obama country. It seemed no one was immune to his cosmopolitan charms. He had a fantastic speaking voice, a perfect solemn stare, a pristine determination…

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